Adrian Zuckerman Civil Justice


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"Appeal" to the High Court against House of Lords' Decisions on the Interpretation of Community Law - Damages for Judicial Error (2004)

A Colossal Wreck – the BCCI-Three Rivers Litigation (2006)

A Reform of Civil Procedure – Rationing Procedure Rather than Access to Justice

Access to Justice for Litigants who Advance their case by Forgery and Perjury (2008)

An unseemly squabble amongst public authorities over costs (2006)

Civil Litigation: a Public Service for the Enforcement of Civil Rights (2007)

Civil Litigation: a Public Service for the Enforcement of Civil Rights (2007)

Closed Material Procedure – Denial of Natural Justice (2011)

Common Law Repelling Super Injunctions, Limiting Anonymity and Banning Trial by Stealth (2011)

Costs Capping Orders – the Failure of the Third Measure for Controlling Litigation Costs (2007)

Costs capping orders in CFA cases improve costs control but raise questions about the CFA legislation and its compatibility with Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights (2005)

Court protection from abuse of process – The means are there but not the will (2012)

CPR 36 Offers (2005)

Disclosure of Expert Reports (2005)

Enforcing compliance with deadlines (2004)

Finality of Litigation – Setting Aside a Final Judgment (2008)

How Seriously Should Unless Orders be Taken? (2008)

Lord Justice Jackson's Review of Civil Litigation Costs – Preliminary Report (2009)

Must a fraudulent litigant be allowed to think: if the fraud is successful, I will gain much; if it is not, I will still recover my legitimate claim? (2011)

New provisions for service – A great improvement threatened by discretion (2009)

New Rules for Costs Capping Orders: Feeding the Costs Litigation Frenzy? (2009)

No Justice Without Lawyers – The Myth of an Inquisitorial Solution (2014)

Permission for Withdrawing an Admission – A Threat to the Closure that Admissions are Meant to Provide

Protective Costs Orders – A Growing Costs-Litigation Industry (2009)

Re Prudential plc [2013] UKSC 1: The Supreme Court leaves to Parliament the issue of privilege for tax advice by accountants, what Parliament should do is restrict privilege for tax advice given by lawyers. (Andrew Higgins and Adrian Zuckerman)

Rolling Back the Privilege against Self-incrimination from Documentary Disclosure (2006)

Rule making and precedent under the Civil Procedure Rules 1998 – still an unsettled field (2010)

Service of the Claim Form (2006)

Super Injunctions – Curiosity-Suppressant Orders Undermine the Rule of Law (2010)

The Challenge of Civil Justice Reform: Effective Court Management of Litigation (Hong Kong 2009)

The Costs Indemnity Principle – From Restoration to Blame (2008)

The Jackson Final Report on Costs – Plastering the Cracks to Shore Up a Dysfunctional System (2010)

The Position of a Party whose Expert has conceded the Opponent's Case – The Unresolved Tension between Experts' Role to Further the Party's Cause and their Obligation to Assist the Court (2007)

The Privilege Against Self-incrimination may not Confer a Right to Refuse Disclosure of Incriminating Documents that came into Existence Independently of the Disclosure Order (2007)

The revised CPR 3.9: a coded message demanding articulation

Without prejudice interpretation – with prejudice negotiations (2011)